Turbo-CLF Turbo-ELF Turbo-KS Low Fin Medium Fin High Fin



  Turbo-ELF tube is a revolutionary heat Transfer tube for boiling on outer surface. It has very excellent heat transfer coefficient derived from an unique fine structure based on the boiling phenomenon essentially, It is different from the conventional integral fin tube which simply increase the surface area.

Features :

 1.By forming fine openings in the surface skin and circumferential tunnels which connect them under the surface skin, bubbles are generated continuously so that an extremely high boiling heat transfer performance can be achieved

 2. To prevent the phenomenon in which sub-cooled refrigerant invades the tunnels , fine progections are formed just beneath the openings in the surface skin to lessen The influence of the sub-cooled refrigerant.

This has improved the heat transfer performance in all regions including the low heat flux region.

 3.Corrugations are added inside the tube to improve the internal heat transfer coefficient is more improved than that of the  :                                  Low Fin Tube .